Soup (in Seoul, KR)


2011  / single channel video 8min 34 sec

Collaborated with Ho Sung Kim  





川の水でスープを作り、味わうプロジェクト。 日本人にとっての味噌汁のような家庭のスープを川の水を使って作り、飲んでみる。 日本人の佐藤未来が横浜の川の水で味噌汁をつくり、韓国人のキム・ホソンがソウルの川でテンジャンククという味噌汁にとても似た韓国のスープつくり、交換して食べるパフォーマンスのビデオ。


The project which is cooking the familiar soups like miso soup for Japanese people, 
with the river water, and tasting them. It’s one of my response to the relational arts. A Japanese, Miku Sato cooked miso soup using the river water of Yokohama. 
And a Korean Ho Sung Kim cooked a Korean soup: Doenjang-guk which is very similar to miso soup, using the river water of Seoul. This video is record of the performance which are getting the river water, cooking the soups, and exchange the soups to eat.