Tweeting Socks


2016  /  Performance, Photograph and Installation 


Supported by Het Entrepot and GoneWest

Collaboration with manoeuvre 






ブルージュの文化施設 Het Entrepot のアーティスト・イン・レジデンスプログラムのなかで制作。老人、母親、子ども、移民、難民、アーティスト、軍で働く人、それぞれに
 ① 第一次世界大戦や現在の戦争について、それぞれの人々に話をきく(テキストでのやりとり+対面) ② その話の中の短い文章や単語をいくつか拾う ③ 拾った文章や単語を靴下に刺繍する

 ④それぞれの人が自分の言葉が刺繍された靴下を履き、ブルージュの広場マルクトで時間を過ごしてもらう(フリッツを買って食べる、 スマートフォンをチェックする、自転車を押しながら歩く、などの日常的なタスクを指示)

靴下を履いたそれぞれの人のポートレート(各 2150 mm x 700 mm)


A commission work of Gone West, which is a project focusing on WW1 in Flanders (northern Belgium) between 2014-2018 for the war’s 100th anniversary. "Socks" was conducted by a culture organization: Het Entrepot in Brugge, Belgium. I interviewed seven people of different backgrounds: an elderly lady, a mother, a child, an immigrant, a refugee, an artist and a navy man. I interviewed each of them about WW1 and modern conflicts, picked up some sentences or words from their interviews for making original socks as a kind of placard of demonstrations, but the sentences and words are not like strong slogans. I embroidered the sentences and words on the socks with the immigrant people who work at a textile studio: manoeuvre in Ghent, Belgium, and then gave the socks to my interviewees.   After that, I asked my interviewees to spend some time in the square in Brugge: Markt (the prepared task: buying fries, checking their smartphones, walking with the bicycle and acting normal) with their socks on. I also made long portraits of them with the socks and the grounds where the histories sleep.

Photograph Portraits of the characters with the socks (2150 mm x 700 mm each)