Girls Got Golds


2020  /  Video Installation (HD video, wood baton, drawing)


Filmed and Edited by Miku Sato

Performed by Caro de Horst and Katrien de Horst / Bente Aalders, Lucie Bower, Irene Cuperus, Sanna Domingos, Ying Ying Egyedi, Lotte van der Laan, Rosephine Nederhorst, Vienna Plugge, Kisako Posthuma and Sanne van der Zwan

Choreographed by Kisako Posthuma

Script Translated (Dutch, English) by Mayumi Nakazaki

Music by Leo Smit and Frans van Ruth (Piano)



Based on the interests in the ideological, geopolitical, economic aspect of the biggest festival, “The Olympic Games”, investigating the past games, Amsterdam 1928 Summer Olympics was emphasized. In response to the scheduled Tokyo 2020 Olympic games, “Girls Got Golds” was produced. It is about a Jewish gymnast survivor who was a member of the national team of the Amsterdam 1928 Summer Olympics. Out of five Jewish team members, four were killed by the Nazi during WW II. In this film, the only survivor is featured, and she retells her story through her granddaughter.



        ▼ Installation view of the exhibition at puntWG / photo by Ilya Rabinovich