Soup (in Teipei, TW)


2014  / video installation (HD video, table, cup etc)
Collaborated with 黄志宏 Matthew Huang  







Tasting River Water as Soups The project is tasting river water as soups. Familiar soups, like miso soup for Japanese people, were cooked with the river water in the city. Then, the soups were shared with the people. People can reject to have the soup, of course. In this project, the soups appeared as identities of each culture. Almost every culture has soups. Soup can heal and make people warm with bowls. Through sitting around a table and sharing the soups, the project proposes to share the cultures and the issues on the dirty river water in the city. And this project shows how difficult to share something in reality of diversity society. All rivers are connected to the ocean. We share the ocean with all creatures on earth. The human life, various cultures, histories and also battles began in waterside, and our ancestors lived in a simple way of life when people didn’t have any borders of countries.    This project is practiced as a video work, workshop and guerrilla performance in the city. Soup was started in South Korea as a video work at Seoul in 2011. This open-source project has practiced in Australia , France and Germany.