Yellow Town 


2009  / project or outside installation (?) 

Produced in Nakanojo Biennale

Collaborated with Seira Uchida  







This project is visualizing a community of Nakanojo town. This town is depopulated. Young people move to big city like Tokyo to study, to work, to marry. We asked residents of the town to put or hang the something yellow where you can see from outside. And we asked them to tell this project to your neighbors, friends and family members who live apart. In order to get to know this project, I made web pages and flyers and pass it around from house to house
 in the neighborhood. For Nakanojo Biennale, the scenery in the town has been changed to yellow. At the same time, there were participants of this project also in Tokyo and N.Y. Seeing from the space, there are lots of yellow dots on the earth. And these yellow stuff were an ingenious idea and a new creative scenery. They enjoyed being yellow. This project is also a piece of my work, along with everyone from Nakanojo.