Not the Yellow Submarines


2015-2017  /  Video Installation (HD video, plastic model etc)


Filmed and Edited by Miku Sato

Performed by Hiroki Doi and Martin Tokarczyk

Special Thanks to Mosman Art Gallery and Ai Hoshizaki








The video installation regarding the attack by three Japanese midget submarines on the night of 31 May 1942 in Sydney Harbour. For this video installation, the boys depicted in the video are only 23 years old each which is the same age as the youngest sub-mariners in the original attack, in the Battle of Sydney Harbour. They represent the countries of Australia and Japan by performing in this video. The Australian boy is at the beach where the submarine had attack in Sydney, and the Japanese boy is at the beach in Yokohama where the ashes of Tokko-tai (suicide corps) in the submarines had returned home. And it’s also my hometown.   The video title and background music also refer to a prankish act in 1966, in which a group of Australian university students painted the original submarine in bright yellow in accordance with The Beatles’ song ‘Yellow Submarine’ when the submarine was displayed outside the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, Australia. Their behavior is also reflected in my use of this song title as a reference for the relationship between Australia, UK and Japan.