A Star


2013  /  Installation ( mixed media ) 


Collaborated with Tal Rosen Eliezer (an Israeli artist)




私たちは会ったことがないが、偶然にも共通点が多い。例えば、私たちは同い年の無名のアーティストだ。 望遠鏡でイスラエルの方向をのぞく。遠く離れたイスラエルからひとりの若いアーティストが自身の作品や将来について語っている。


The Art organization sent an e-mail to hundreds of artists in the world without use of BCC. Through the accident, an Israeli artist contacted me. We have never seen, but coincidentally, we have something in common. For example we are same age, and the obscure young artists. Watching the direction of Israel through a telescope, a young Israeli artist talk about his life and art work, and his future.