Something Black


2015  /  Video Installation (HD video, net, stick of wood)


Film and Editing by Miku Sato

Organized by Tokyo Wonder Site (Tokyo Arts and Space)

Installation view photos : ©Tokyo Wonder Site Photo: TADA (YUKAI)  





昭和11(1936)年の上野動物園から一匹のクロヒョウが脱出した事件をテーマにした展覧会に出品した映像インスタレーション。 この事件をメタファーに、普段上野で生活する人々が、息を殺して潜んでいるこの恐ろしい何かを自ら探し、対峙し、捕獲しようと試みてもらう様子を撮影。


In 1936, a panther escaped from the Ueno Zoo, Tokyo. 
This video installation was made for the exhibition had subject of the incident of the panther. Using the incident as a metaphor, I asked several people who live or work in Ueno to try to seek, face and capture this something hiding with bated breath by themselves around Ueno area.