Tiny Monuments 


2011  / sculpture 

Supported by Stone & Water and Toride Arts Project  





再開発問題にもまれるソクス市場(水石市場)に、キムチを発酵させるための瓶(ハンアリ)を使って小さな記念碑を作り、 建てていくプロジェクト。この市場での出来事、思い出や誇りに思っていることなどを人々から教えてもらい、 ハンアリをデザインし設置。


Putting some Hang-aris which is the pot for fermenting Kimchi, as tiny monuments for the people who work at the local market. In this old market : Seoksu market which has issue of redevelopment, I did interviews with the local people of the market, and designed the monuments with the people, and installed them in the market.